Have you received an email that appears to have come from Pianola? Are you wondering who Pianola is? Is so, this article will explain.

What is Pianola?
Pianola is a product that bridge clubs use to send emails to their members. Typically, these emails are to alert players about events that might be of interest, or to inform them of announcements from the club.

By using Pianola to send emails, the bridge club is not granting any permission to Pianola (the company) to send emails to its players. All of the membership data and email addresses that are held in Pianola remain under the control of the bridge club. Pianola is merely the 'data processor' on behalf of the club.

If you do not wish to receive emails from your bridge club you may unsubscribe; there is a link on the bottom of every email which enables you quickly to remove yourself from your bridge club's mailing list.

However, if your only concern is to make sure you do not receive unsolicited email from Pianola (the company) or other third parties, please rest assured that this will never happen. There is no need for you to unsubscribe.

If you have already unsubscribed and now wish to reverse this decision, please emailĀ support@pianola.net.

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