If your club has a lot of members, it may take you a while to select your partner finder preferences. Here are some shortcuts you can use to identify who you want to subscribe to and who you want to block.

Change your default setting

By default, all your fellow club members are set to the 'neutral' option. However, you can change this setting so that all members (now and in the future) have a different default - notify or block. Then, having set your default, you can individually edit the setting for specific players.

Search by name

If you have specific people you like (or don’t like) search for them by name. As soon as you start typing, the list will reduce to show only the possible matches.

Search by ranking

Start typing the name of a rank and the list will reduce. For example, you could search for all members who are Life Master.

Repeat your search for each ranking you are interested in.

Search by percentage

Some players at your club may have chosen not to share their percentage. However, for those that do share this information, you can filter the list by percentages. For example, if you only want to be notified of people with a percentage of 50% and above, filter for 50%, then 51%, 52%... and so on.

(To display your own percentage to other members of the club, go to ‘My account’ > ‘Privacy’ and choose to share your results history.)

Search by system

You can use the same search field to filter for players whose system matches yours. Again, not all players will have populated this information.

(To add your preferred system to your profile - and other information such as a photo - go to the ‘My account
’ pages.)