Page types

Pianola has a variety of page types that have specific content built in:

  • Blank page
  • Results page
  • Location
  • People
  • Links
  • News
  • Hall of fame

Blank page

These pages start with no specific content. You add content by selecting 'widgets'.

Results page

These pages contain a calendar of your club's results. You can choose to display the results in a month calendar, a week calendar, or as a chronological list.



Location pages have a Google map built in. You can drop a pin to show the location of your club by simply searching for the name of your club. If you don't find your club, try searching by post / zip code instead.

(You can add your club to Google maps here:


Use these pages to list key people involved in your club - committee, board of directors, teachers, volunteers, etc.

You can add a photo, a biography, their title, as well as contact details.


Use these pages to provide useful links to other sites. 



Easily add news from your club. Any news posts you add to this page will also show up in any 'news feed widget' you insert into other pages of the site.


Hall of fame

Celebrate your players' successes by listing the winners of your competitions, ladders and cups.