You can add photos or other images to any page or news post. 

Create a new "Text and Images" widget (or edit an existing one).

Click your mouse where you want the image to appear and then click on the 'Insert/Edit Image' button:

In the window that opens, click on the picture of a folder:

The File Manager window will open. This shows all the images that you have uploaded to your site and that are available to insert into your page. If you see the picture you want to insert, click it:

Then click OK and your image will be inserted into your widget.

Add any text or additional images and then save the changes.

If the image you want to insert is not already in the Image Manager, click 'Upload a file' and then drag a photo from your computer onto this screen to upload it to the server. If you prefer, you can also click this screen and choose an image from your computer.