Google Calendar is a great (and free!) service for maintaining a calendar of events for your club. It's really easy to update from your PC, phone or tablet and also has the benefit that your players can "subscribe" to your club calendar, which means they'll see all your games and events on their own device - updated in real-time.

You can embed a Google Calendar into your Pianola website. Here's how.

Create a calendar

Create an account with Google by going to It's free!

Add your club's events to the calendar, either one at a time or by creating repeating events. Events can repeat daily, weekly, monthly or annually.

Here's an example of how your calendar might look:

Make your calendar public

To allow other people to see what's on your calendar, you need to make it public.

Click on the small down arrow next to the name of your calendar in the list down the left hand side of the screen and click on 'Share this Calendar':

Check the box to 'Share this calendar with others' and then check to box to 'Make this calendar public'. Click the Save button at the bottom of the screen:

Get the embed code

To embed the calendar in your Pianola site, you need to get some code.

Click on 'Calendar Settings' in the pop-up menu:

Copy the embed code shown here:

Paste the code into Pianola

Create a new text and image widget in Pianola and paste the iFrame code. It will look something like this:

PRO TIP! Change width="800" to width="100%". This will cause the calendar to fill the width that's available, whatever size screen it's viewed on.

Save the widget. Initially, it will look like nothing has happened. You just need to re-open the widget to trigger the code to be triggered and the calendar will display on your site.

Any change you make to your Google Calendar will be immediately shown in your Pianola website.