Pianola allows you to select your site's colours but it's not always easy to come up with pleasing combinations. Here are a few tips to help you come up with a successful combination.


This website has literally millions of colour palettes that other people have created, This is a great place to start and get inspired. If you find a palette you like, copy down the "hex" code for each of the colours:


This website works a bit differently. By playing with a colour wheel you can generate combinations of colours that will work well.

We usually choose the "Complementary" option, but there are others you can play with.

You can also paste a colour's hex code into the boxes under the colour wheel and hit return to be shown four others colours that will work.

Once you have some colours you like, go to the theme customiser in Pianola and paste in your hex codes:


Our approach when choosing colours

This is what we do when helping customers to build their websites (remember - we offer a free migration service to copy your content from BridgeWebs or any other website into Pianola).


  1. Start with the Primary colour. We choose a colour we like often by browsing colourlovers.com
  2. Use color.adobe.com to find a complementary colour for the Secondary colour in Pianola
  3. Use a darker or lighter version of the Primary colour for the Headings background. It's easy to lighten or darken a colour by dragging the dot upwards or downwards in the Pianola colour picker
  4. Make the headings text either white or very dark grey / black, depending on the colour chosen for the headings background
  5. Use the same colour as either the Primary or Secondary colour for links. Either can work well.