WARNING: This is advanced stuff and you may well need to help to accomplish this so please contact support@pianola.net if you need any assistance.

Your site's default address will be https://site.pianola.net/name-of-your-club. However, if you have your own web domain (e.g. leedsbridgeclub.com) you can use this instead which will be more familiar to your players.

To "point" your own web domain at Pianola you need to make a change to your site's "domain name service" records.


Step one: add your domain name to Pianola

Go to Admin > Site manager > Settings and enter the full address of your website. Remember to include http://before the domain name


Step two: add CNAME records to your DNS 

Login to your account with the organisation who you used to register your domain name (for example, GoDaddy, Heart Internet.

Find the area for editing your domain's DNS records and create two new CNAME records, both of which point at site.pianola.net. You need one record for your domain with www and one for your domain without www. Depending on which company you use for your DNS you may see different options and screens here.

Some DNS systems won't let you add a CNAME for the non-www version of your domain. If so, please add an A record instead, pointing to the IP address

When you have saved these changes you may need to wait for up to 48 hours to see this change propagate round the Internet's entire DNS system.

Contact us if you're in any doubt whatsoever about how to make these changes and we will guide you through exactly what to do.