On the first step of the competitions wizard you define the basic details of your competition:


  • Name
  • Description 
  • Start and end dates
  • Whether the results of the competition are to be calculated by Pianola or by your scoring program (see below)
  • If calculated by Pianola, which regular sessions should be automatically included (you can manually add and remove sessions as the competition progresses, if you need to)

Name and description

These will be seen by players when they view the results of the competition. You can use the description to detail the qualifying criteria and the dates of the competition.


Set the start and end dates of the competition. Pianola will automatically include any regular sessions you select between these two dates (see below).


Choose whether the results of this competition will be calculated by Pianola or your scoring program. Normally, you'll choose Pianola but you may want to specify 'scoring program' for events such as a multi-session Swiss event where the scoring program carries forward the results from session to session. In this case, Pianola does not do any calculations but simply displays the results together on one screen for easy access by players.

Sessions to include

Select any regular sessions that you want to be automatically included in the calculation of this competition. You can select as many or as few of your regular sessions as you like. 

If you need to add or remove specific games, you can do so as the competition progresses (see 'Editing a competition')

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