On this screen you define who can qualify for this competition. 


Sessions to qualify

This is the minimum number of games that a player or a pair need to have played in to be included in the calculation.

Sessions to include

Choose whether to include all sessions played or just the best few results.

Restrict by player ability

You can restrict qualification based on each player's ability as measured by:

  • National Grading Scheme (EBU clubs only)
  • Rank (EBU and ABF clubs only)
  • Pianola average percentage (all clubs)

If you select a restriction, you are asked to define the upper and lower limits for each player, and the effective date that Pianola should use to determine eligibility.

Restrict by gender

Choose whether each partnership should include:

  • Any combination
  • Only men
  • Only women
  • One man and one woman (choose 'Mixed')

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