As an EBU affiliated club, Pianola keeps your membership data in sync with the EBU database. 

Go to Members > Add new member

When a new player joins your club, we encourage you to search the EBU first, to avoid creating a duplicate record on their database.

Adding an existing EBU member

If you know the new member's EBU number, enter it here.

If you think they're a member of the EBU but you don't know their EBU number, or you're not sure if they're a member of the EBU, enter their first and last name and click the search button.

Pianola searches the EBU database and returns all the information that is available for that member. If there are a few potential matches, we return all of them. Choose the correct listing and click Add to my club.

We'll populate the new member's record with the information we get from the EBU (which is limited, and depends on the individual member's settings in their account with

Adding a new member who's not an existing EBU member

If you're certain your new member isn't already a member of the EBU, click the Skip search button.

Complete the new member's details.

The EBU require the following fields to be completed:

  • Surname
  • Address line 1
  • City

Click Save and join to EBU.