Before your members can login to Pianola you need to send them an 'invite email'. There are three ways to do this:


  1. You can invite an individual member
  2. You can invite groups of members
  3. You can invite all your members

Invite an individual member

Go to the Admin > Members area and search for the member you wish to invite.

Click on the link that says 'Send [member's name] an invite email'.

Invite a group of members

First, create a 'Simple Group' (click here to learn how). Then go to Admin > Members > Invites.

Select the group you want to invite and click 'Invite selected groups'.

Invite all your members

Go to Admin > Members > Invites

Click the 'Invite everyone' button. This will send an invite email to all your members (who have an email address) that have not already setup a Pianola account.