This article explains how to export your player database from Pianola to ASE9. Before you do so , it's vital that you backup your existing ASE9 database in case you need to revert to it later.



Click on 'Club members'

Click on the 'File' menu and choose 'Produce CSV file'. Save the file.


Export from Pianola

Login to Pianola and go to Admin > Members > Export

Choose the 'Export to ASE9' option.

Pianola will not export any records where:


  • The national number (ABF, EBU) is not unique
  • The name is incomplete
  • The player is marked as having passed away

You can view the records that will not be exported and the reasons why. It's important to check that all the records you want to export are i going to be included.

Check the box to confirm you have backed up your existing data and then click 'Export'.


Import to ASE9

Click on 'Club members'

Click on the 'Imports' link and choose 'Members from file'

Choose the option 'ASE version 8/9'. Check the box 'Do not add duplicate players' and click 'Import data'

Locate the file you exported from Pianola and click 'Open'.

Click back on the 'Player database' tab in Jeff Smith and check your player database is populated with the records you expected.