Sending the annual membership renewal notices is one of the most time consuming tasks in a bridge club's year. Using Pianola, this job takes just a few minutes. You will be able to:


  • Send renewal notices for different rates to different categories of member
  • Send renewals by email to all those members for whom you hold an email address and by letter for everyone else
  • Record receipts as they are received (this will update the player's record with their new 'paid until' date)
  • Send reminders to late payers

To start, go to Admin > Members > Renewals and click on the Create new renewal button.


Give your renewal a title. This is purely for your own record and will not be seen by your members.

Choose the dates that this membership renewal period covers (ie what period are the members being asked to pay for).


Choose which membership categories to include in your renewal and enter the membership rate for each. If you want to offer a lower rate for early payment, you must also enter a date by which members must pay to receive this benefit.


The review screen shows you how much your renewal will raise. You can also see who is included in each category and who will be excluded from this renewal. People are excluded from the renewal if their current 'paid until date' is on or after the date that this renewal perdio covers (ie they have already paid for this year's membership).

Write email

On this screen you compose the email that will be sent to members. Some parts are automatically inserted by Pianola and are not editable. There are two sections you can edit: the introductory paragraph and the how to pay section. You can also change the name of the sender.

Write letter

On this screen you compose the letter that will be produced for any of your members who don't have an email address. You may want to subtly change the content of the letter. 


On this screen you can send yourself a test email and download a test of the letters.


On the final screen you click to send the emails and download the PDF letters.