You can send messages to all your players or just segments of your list. Each recipient gets an individual, personalised message by email (if they have an email address) or letter (if they don't have an email address).

In the admin area, click on Messages and Create new message.

Choose recipients

Choose whether you want to sent to simple groups, or smart groups.

Choose groups

Choose which groups you want to send your message to. When choosing multiple smart groups, pay attention to whether you want to send your message to people who match ALL the criteria you've selected to ANY of the criteria (learn more).

Review recipients

On this screen you get a chance to review who will receive your message. The numbers above the list indicate how many people will receive an email and how many people will receive a letter.

You can deselect anyone who you do not want to receive this message by unchecking the box next to their name.

Then click Next.


On this screen you compose your message. Give it a subject and write the content of the email / letter.

You can change the 'Reply-to:' address to use the email address of anyone who's been given the role of Club administrator or Secretary (read more about Roles and Permissions).

To add an attachment, click on the Choose file button and then click Upload attachment.

Pianola will automatically insert the recipient's first name into each email and letter.

Then click Next.


Review the email and click to edit the recipients, subject, content and attachments.

You can send a test copy of this email before you send for real. In the test version, the salutation will be displayed as:

Dear {first-name}

This will be replaced with recipients' names in the final version.


If you're happy with the message, click on the Send emails button. Each email will include an unsubscribe link. 

If you want to print a letter for the people without email addresses, click on the Download PDF letter button. This will produce a single document with one letter per page. The address block is positioned to line up with a windowed envelope and the letter has marks to make it easy to fold for a DL size envelope.