If you've already defined your club's programme of regular sessions, Pianola will display a list of sessions waiting for upload in the Results section of the Admin area.

Click on the Upload results link for the session you have just scored.

The next screen will ask you to browse for the results file and the hand record file for the event you have just completed. The results file is the XML or P2P file that you would normally upload to the EBU.

The hand record file should be in PBN format if possible, but we also accept text files that are generated by DealMaster Pro.

Choose the XML (or P2P) file and the PBN file. If your event is handicapped, check the box. Then click Upload results.

Wait until the Processing message disappears and you get to the review screen.

If every player in the game file has a correct EBU number, there will be nothing more to do and the session will show as Queued for P2P upload. The file will be automatically uploaded overnight. (We do all the uploads at 04:00 in the morning as this is when our servers are likely to be under-utilised. This helps keep the program fast for users when they are browsing their results, etc.)