If you're uploading results from ACBLscore, you need first to output the results in the format Press + Recap (traveler format). Here's how:

Step One

When you've finished scoring up the game, click on the Reports menu and choose Recap/Press > Screen/File (LR):


Step Two

Choose 3 Text file as the destination:


Step Three

Choose the destination for the file and click Save. The default location is likely to be the GAMEFILE folder but you can choose somewhere else if you like:


Step Four

Choose the option 8 Press + Recap (traveler format) and click OK:


Step Five

Leave the report width on the default setting of 132 characters. Click OK:

That's it. You've now generated the file you need to upload to Pianola.

Multi-section events

If your game had more than one section, you need to repeat the process for each section, giving a different filename at step three.

To navigate between sections, use the Sections menu: