This article is relevant for EBU-affiliated clubs only.

If your club or county runs a multi-session event (for example a Swiss Pairs or Swiss Teams event) you need to upload each session individually and a separate file for the overall results. This will ensure that:


  1. Pianola can display the results for each session with the correct hand records; and
  2. The EBU can correctly process the results correctly for both NGS and P2P

For each session, you need to create an individual P2P file choosing the appropriate P2P charge rate (10 / 30 / 60, depending on the event). These files should not include masterpoints. Upload these files along with the hand records to Pianola.

After completion of the event, create a further P2P file with the charge rate 02 (null). This file should contain masterpoints. Upload this file on its own to Pianola.