You can define your club's programme of regular sessions so that Pianola will know when to expect results files. By doing so, you also create the opportunity to run reports and / or send targeted email to members based on their play history.

In the Admin area, go to Club Settings > Regular Sessions

Enter the name for the session. If you mark a session as "suspended", Pianola will not prompt you to upload results for this session. You could use this during an off season, for example.

If you mark a session as "hidden", the results will not show up on your club's public results calendar. However, people who played in this session will be able to access its results when they login to Pianola.

Set the time and the frequency of the session.

Enter the price of this session, the style (pairs of teams), whether it awards masterpoints, and whether you offer a host (or standby) player for this game.

When you're done, click 'Add'.

From the regular session index page, click on an event's name to edit its details.