You can store your username for online bridge clubs within your Pianola account. Other players at your club will be able to see this when they view your profile page in Pianola. You can store username for Bridge Base Online (BBO) and Bridge Club Live (BCL).

Adding usernames as a player

Login to Pianola and go to My account.  Look for the section "Online bridge accounts". Enter your username for BBO and/or BCL then click 'Save'.

Adding usernames as a club administrator

Go to Admin > Members and search for a player. Edit their record and populate the BBO and/or BCL usernames then click 'Save'.

Viewing other players' online bridge usernames

You can view players' usernames by searching for them on the 'Members' tab. Click on a player's record to view their information.

Club administrators can also download a list of players' usernames by exporting a CSV of players from either Admin > members > Export or Admin > Reports.