To set up a game on Pianola Play, you need to be a club administrator or chief scorer for your club's Pianola account.

Go to Admin > Play and click 'Create session'

Enter your game's name, start date and time, and who will be director.

Choose whether you want a one-winner or two-winner movement, how many rounds, and how many boards per round. It doesn't matter if you're not sure what to choose here - the director can wait to see how many pairs turn up for a game and adjust these settings just before they start the first round.

The time limit per round will display as a countdown to players, but Pianola Play doesn't move anyone on automatically. The director always chooses when to move everyone on. This can be before or after the countdown has ended.

If the director starts a new round before all tables have finished, Pianola Play awards a 50/50 average to all incomplete tables. The director can adjust the score later if necessary.

EBU-affiliated clubs need choose the appropriate P2P (or UMS) charge rate to apply to the game.

Save the game, return to the Admin > Play screen and click to copy the link for this game.

Every game on Pianola Play has a unique link (web address / URL). To invite players to your game, simply send them the link by email (either from Pianola or any other email program), or publish it on your website.

To participate in a game, players simply need to click the link. If they're already logged into Pianola, they'll go straight to the game's lobby area. If they're not already logged-in, they'll be prompted to login using their existing Pianola username and password. Nobody without a username and password for your club will be able to play in your games