When you're ready to start your game, go to the link you copied from Admin > Play

You will be taken to the "lobby" for this game. If you are the person selected as director for this game, you will see the director dashboard:

The first column shows all the players that are in the lobby. The online indicator shows whether they are currently online (green) / recently online within the last 30-60 seconds (amber) / offline (red).

The centre column shows players who have partnered-up.

The right-hand column is for the director to make announcements to the lobby. Players are currently unable to chat in the lobby, but we will be adding this facility soon.

As soon as there are two or more pairs, the "Click here to start the game" button becomes active and the director can start the game.

When the director starts the game:

  • Players without a partner will be excluded from the game
  • Everyone in a formed partnership will be included, regardless of their online status

The director has an opportunity to amend the number of rounds, boards per round, time limit and winner type.

Read more about movements and winner types

The maximum number of rounds will be limited by the numbers of pairs and winner type chosen.

Once the game is started, the director dashboard changes to show boards in play.