Options during the game

You will find a row of buttons along the top of your screen:


This reloads the site, which is usually the fix if anything unexpected happens - for example, you can't see your cards properly.


The bigger your screen, the better. Use the fullscreen button to use all the available area on your screen. 

To get out of full screen, press ESC on your keyboard or press the minimise button

Report a bug

Pianola is currently in "pre-release". This means it may still have undiscovered bugs. Using the reload button should fix most issues, but please use the bug report button to let us know if anything unexpected happens.


Click to confirm playing cards

With this option enabled, you will have to click twice to play each card: once to select the suit and again to selct the card. This setting is automatically enabled for touch-screen devices.

Automatically play singletons

With this setting enabled, singletons will automatically be played. To disguise this from other players, they will have a random delay of 0.5 - 2 seconds before they see your card move (although you will see it move immediately).

Use simplified card design

With this option enabled, you will see a simplified card faces.

This option is automatically enabled on small screens.